Our Work

SWING helps companies to:
  • Improve their understanding of female buyer mindset
  • Shape their marketing and communications strategies to make an impact with women
  • Design, develop and package products and services with maximum female appeal
  • Reach women online
  • Mobilize communities of women online
What drives our work
  1. We believe in the online medium as the most powerful tool in a marketers toolkit as a means to get closer to women, build community, mobilize word of mouth referral and build women into the marketing process as advisors, not just consumers
  2. We employ a research method called SALONS that brings the consumer into the design and development process and takes the guesswork out of marketing
  3. We utilize the insights from our Technology with Curves research to help clients to understand women and how they use technology, the Internet and social networking platforms. Sign up to receive weekly insights
  4. We understand what women want and what drives their behaviour at all life stages
  5. We look at women as consumers and professionals

How to engage?

We can help you at any stage of the process. Whether you are looking for research, consulting or to build and manage an online community on your behalf, we can assist.

Not convinced of the power of women?

Book us to come in and present the Marketing with Women: Technology with Curves presentation.