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What Stories Should Realtors Cover In Their Blogs To Appeal Potential Clients

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Realtor blogger

Real Estate is something people don't search every day, but when they do, Realtors naturally want to be visible in those search results to attract potential business. This is why Realtors blog. But what topics should they cover in order to attract those searches that potential home buyers or home sellers do on Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Analyzing Active Rain Titles - Does it hurt SEO?

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Margaret Gross on Real Estate Titles SEO

Much has been said about creating titles or headlines of our posts that are appealing and click-worthy. I have tied my titles in knots trying to figure out what makes people interested enough to click and read. Is it emotional? Do emotions sell houses - yes! What about facts and figures - it's hopeless to make a market report seem anything but what it is.

Improve Your Listing's Ranking By Following This Recommendation from Google

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Improve house listing description

Every day thousands of houses are listed online for sale, but most of them never make the top page of Google and are lost in search engine rankings. What can real estate agents do about this to improve the listing's ranking in search engines?


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