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The Most Comfortable Shoes to Wear in a Home Building Environment

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Working Shoes

Working in construction means hard labor and long hours on your feet to build or repair a house. The right shoes protect a worker's feet from injuries and soreness. Discover the most comfortable shoes to wear in a home building environment.

Leveraging Local IRA Investors In Your Real Estate Business

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Local IRA Investors in Real Estate

I deal with a lot of real estate investors, mortgage brokers, financial advisers and realtors who are always out there looking for the next lead! Don't get me wrong, word of mouth advertising and networking is an important part of business in the finance and real estate world, but its not the best or an effective use of your time.

How Do Your Room Colors Make You Feel?

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Room paint colors

Colors of the rooms where you live can influence your mood and thoughts. Color trends will come and go, but choosing colors should reflect your own personality. On the other hand, when you are selling a home, even though a Realtor can point out to a buyer that it's only paint and cosmetic fixes, when selling, keep in mind the more neutral the color is, the more comfortable a buyer may feel in the surroundings.


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